Hi there!
I’m Roy, an ethical hacker and cloud enthousiast.

I’m currently working as a Security Specialist at Secura where I perform numerous security assessments on Azure/AWS environments, web applications and complex systems. Apart from this I like to play CTFs and never stop studying.


During my Bachelor’s, I started my early career as a webdeveloper at Appart, a Dutch marketing agency. In ~6 years time, the company expanded and grew to a team of ±6 developers which were partially lead by me. I was responsible for project management, server management and did back-end PHP development mainly in Laravel and Magento2. During the years I worked with different systems such as Plesk Onyx, CentOS, Synology and Windows servers.
I was able to make mistakes in a growing company and do a lot of ‘on-the-job learning’.

At the end of my master’s degree, I wrote my thesis “Compliant but Vulnerable: Fixing Gaps in Existing AWS Security Frameworks” at Secura. You can read my full thesis in PDF or a summarized blog post.

After my research and graduation, I got a job at Secura as a Security Analyst. I’ve been engaged in numerous assessments for clients of all sizes regarding web applications and APIs. However, cloud assessments are my main focus point. Discovering common misconfigurations and advising clients on their cloud architectures.

Lately I took an interest in containerization, involving Docker and Kubernetes. More on this topic will follow…




  • Master of Science - Information Security Technology - Technical University Eindhoven
  • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science (Web Science) - Technical University Eindhoven